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Can I use my Garden Room all year round?

26 Nov 2023

Are your toes freezing at the prospect of working in your shed or converted garage? Are you trying to hunt down the fingerless gloves and hot water bottles to keep you warm while you work as heating the whole house is just madness?

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A Garden Room is a small, self contained, super insulated room that can be used all year round therefore far more efficient than heating the whole house. Our garden rooms are very different buildings compared to say a summer house (shown below) which is a simple timber structure, normally single-glazed which, realistically is only suitable for the warmer days.Berelands summer house

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Let's start with what's in the walls. Our rooms feature a combination of rigid foam or PIR insulation in the floors and ceiling and Hemp in the walls. Hemp is grown in the UK and manufactured in the Scottish Borders. It allows the building to breathe and unlike conventional insulation materials, it helps tackle climate change by having a net capture of carbon.Indinature

Our windows and doors are UPVc double glazed as standard (the exact same as you’d have in your home) ensuring excellent thermal insulation. We always insist on an opening window along with the doors as adequate ventilation is just as essential in a small space, to ensure air flow and avoid a build up of moisture. Lovat 20210816 072As an addition, we also regularly fit Aluminium bi- folding doors to really throw the room up to the outdoors!.Roman Road 20210816 008

To comply with Permitted Development rules, a Garden Room can’t have a permanent heat source therefore we install plug in electric radiators. Due to the level of insulation and the double glazing, the room heats up quickly and retains the heat. The slimline radiators feature a programmable thermostat or, with the addition of a smart plug, you can control your heat from your phone.RadiatorIf you’re looking to pack your room from floor to ceiling with storage, desks, sofas etc. as per the example below, and need to maximise wall space, we also offer ceiling mounted infra red heating panels which, instead of directly heating the air in a room, the panels heat the walls, ceiling and floor evenly which absorbs the heat and gently re-emits the heat back into the room. This is more efficient than conventional heating systems which waste energy by heating large volumes of air. 17 Ailsa View KA23 9GA 20230518 001 copy

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