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Has the four day working week been a success?

21 Dec 2023

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(The Outside In Poster boys!!)

In March of this year, we made a huge decision to trial a four day week, something very unusual in the construction sector! Trial it we did and the results have been amazing! The biggest challenge was obviously understanding the implications working just four days would have on our build schedule. We worked with the whole team to understand what would need to happen and how the new schedule would work for the company, the team, and of course our clients. Essentially we broke the builds into tasks and established what was completed in 5 days, had to happen in four so efficiencies needed to be worked on. It took a couple of months to find the rhythm but eventually, it all sank in and the changes have been fantastic reviewing productivity at the end of the year.

We canvased the team to ask their thoughts on the new schedule. Fourdayweek2023 06 09 15.01.52

Having the Friday off eased childcare issues dramatically.
It was a big incentive when applying for the apprenticeship. Not just because it's a 4 day week. It showed me Outside In was a progressive company with staff well being high on the priority list.


The 4 day week makes you work and think smarter. Seems to be less time wasted on site and more of a “let’s get it done today” attitude.
Also…shorter week and longer weekend…what’s not to like?!


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The 4 day week works in many ways. My partner is cabin crew so we now have more opportunities to spend time together and with family. As Gus said, you work and think smarter to get the work done and the 3 day weekend is like a small reward at the end of it!


It has definitely helped improve processes and turned us into a more efficient team. It has totally changed my work/life balance as I can spend that day with the kids, take on tasks or just have a lazy day! The 4 day week is amazing!


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