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Do Garden Rooms add value to your property?

30 Nov 2023

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Are you considering a garden room but worried about how you can justify the expenditure? Read on and we’ll explain why there is no better way to invest in your property.

Are you still working from home at your kitchen table, in your bedroom or even in some cases the hallway? You aren’t alone. Remote working has become the new normal for many workers, with 44% of those aged between 30 and 49 working from home as of June 2021. And given current trends, this isn’t going to change.

Not only that, the trend is towards moving more activities into the home, a home gym, home cinema, home art studio and more. Traditionally when more room was required an extension or loft conversion was the selected route, but these require planning permission and have to adhere to strict building regulations. And in many cases do not return the additional space to justify the expenditure, timescales and mess. That is where garden buildings offer a cost-effective solution with the floor space you need that brings the “wow factor” to your house.

Hear Rettie & Co's Jamie Osborne's thoughts on the benefits of adding a garden room to your home:

With the increased emphasis on home working (and the new emphasis on making the home more than just a home) property prices have gone through the roof, especially homes with a garden or outdoor space. The average property price in Scotland has grown by 12% since June 2021 according to the latest UK Government’s House Price Index. The largest increase was for detached homes which increased in value by 14.2% this year alone.

If you already own a home with outdoor space it is a comforting thought that your property value has increased, but what if you don’t have the dedicated space which can be allocated solely to a home office, gym, studio or cinema room? For many, upscaling their property is no longer an option. According to recent research by, an estate agency comparison tool, it can cost roughly between 10% and 25% of a property's value to upscale to add an additional bedroom. In Scotland, that means the average move between a three and four-bedroom house would cost £104,633. So increasing the floor plan of your house with an office in the garden can seem amazing value for money in comparison.

The other key thing to remember with a professionally built garden room is that we are not talking about a nice garden shed, they are weatherproof, heated and wired for technology. They are a high-quality space that can improve your work-life balance, a space for your kids to escape to, or one of the many other uses our customers have found for their rooms. So this means if you are coming to sell your property we can assure you that potential buyers will always see garden rooms as an added value to your property. It will improve sell-ability and increase the value. In fact, it is estimated that garden rooms can add as much as 1.5 times the cost of installation to your property price. 

Sales of garden buildings increased by 500% between January and May 2021 so they are now becoming a more common sight. But will a garden room increase your home value in your area? You don’t need to take our word for it, it’s worth speaking with your local estate agent to get their insight into the local area if you are still concerned about the long-term investment.

So in conclusion, adding a high-quality garden room is a substantial financial commitment, but one that basically guarantees you an improved home and a return on investment.

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