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Uno Garden Room on a sloped garden, no problem

Image 6487327 (1)Stuart & Lisa wanted a garden room for relaxing in but also as Lisa's workspace.  

They had identified the perfect spot in the garden however we established it was quite a sloped spot therefore we explored the two options. Firstly we could excavate the slope and add a small retaining wall to flatten the site (this would involve mini diggers, excavation, and obviously additional cost) or we work with it which results in a deeper deck at one end. 

IMG 5714



They were happy to go with option 2 and have the deck slightly higher at one end (plus it creates a great wee seating area in the summer months so it's a win win!) 

Lisa was very specific about the windows and where they were positioned in relation to her desk. Blinds were set within the glazed units to control light when working.IMG 5717

At the opposite end is a fabulous storage wall with simple Ikea Billy Bookcases creating a practical yet visually lovely feature with a comfy sofa for chilling and enjoying the garden. 

Image 50769409Stuart and Lisa were great to work with on this as they understood immediately what the challenges were and using old bits of wood and pots we plotted the room out. Lexy (the dog) is clearly very happy with the room we built.

View the Garden Room ground screw install


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