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Lovely lovely Uno Midi in a beautifully landscaped garden

IMG 6073What a gorgeous transformation! Our client approached us with a need for a home office / garden room living space. They had an existing summer house which, although pretty, just wasn't fit for purpose and had come to the end of its useful life! 

There was also a need for landscaping to surround the new Garden Room therefore we once again worked alongside the fabulous Lachlan Imrie of Imrie Garden Solutions to present a cohesive project. The clearance came first to make space for the room and ensure all the levels were as they needed to be. We then built the stunning Uno Midi Garden Room which, at 4.2m wide x 3m deep provides the perfect combination of home office and family hang out space. IMG 6078IMG 6079Blinds were fitted between the glazing panels to control the sun and privacy and avoid the need for cleaning pesky blinds!IMG 6099 

Externally the room is clad in Siberian Larch which has been treated with Osmo Oil to protect and preserve the timbers for years to come. Timber cladding on our Garden Rooms can be left to it's own devices however we always advise treating with Osmo Oil to give the timber a far longer life span and resilience against all the Scottish climate has to throw at it! IMG 6083

Imries installed a perfect finish around the garden installing a row of scottish pebbles and paving stones all around the building completing the vision.IMG 6089

IMG 6073
Craigmount before



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