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Gorgeous DUO Garden Room with composting toilet

Our clients had a tiered garden with a lovely open aspect, the top tier had been earmarked for a garden room for entertaining and relaxing in. 

54 Brenfield Drive G44 3JR 20230518 003 copyWe quickly established the ground was suitable for a ground screw foundation but to be accessible, we had to create a new set of steps with our landscaper partners. We also established that due to the tiered nature of the garden, for the structure to be safe, a glass balustrade would be required along the front and side of the decking therefore all peripheral products and trades were lined up well in advance to ensure a seamless project. 

Our client was looking to use the room to relax in and entertain friends therefore was keen to incorporate a composting toilet which is completely self contained and not connected to any water source therefore within the permitted development rules. 

54 Brenfield Drive G44 3JR 20230518 030 copyTo the front the 4.2m span is almost filled with 4 pane UPVc sliding doors to maximise light but without the added expense of bi folding doors (that and space was limited for the doors to fold out hence the sliders were the best solution).Brenfield 54 Brenfield Drive G44 3JR 20230518 038 copy

54 Brenfield Drive G44 3JR 20230518 048
Brenfield before



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