As standard, our garden rooms all come with the following:

  • Fully insulated interiors to allow year-round usage (walls, floor, ceiling using 70mm rigid foam insulation)
  • Entire structure "wrapped" in a fire-retardant, insulating membrane
  • 20-year guarantee on the rubber roof
  • Quick-Step waterproof laminate flooring with a 25-year manufacturers warranty
  • Low threshold, UPVc sliding doors or french doors and UPVc double glazed windows
  • Superior security locks on doors and windows 
  • Fitted with slimline spotlights, sockets and light switches
  • Clad in responsibly sourced FSC Siberian Larch

For more information on each of these features, please see below.


Where possible, the garden room foundation is formed through the use of ground screws therefore avoiding the need for environmentally impactful concrete and ensuring a quick to install, yet incredibly robust foundation. A bracket sits on top of the screw ready to receive the floor joists.

Should your site be on a slope, we can counter this through creating a frame on top of the ground screws. If the setting just isn't right, we can always revert to the old school approach of a concrete base!

  • Groundscrews
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  • Base
  • Groundscrews2

Structure and Insulation

We construct our own SIP's (Structural Insulated Panels) to form the shell of the entire Garden Room (walls, floor, ceiling) creating a strong, highly insulated structure. Sandwiched between the walls of the SIP is a 70mm insulation board which provides excellent thermal performance with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and which won't degrade or deteriorate due to moisture, thus maintains its thermal performance. Thereafter, our Garden Rooms are fully wrapped in a fire retardant, insulating breather foil membrane which creates a wind-tight, draught free, weather-sealed yet vapour permeable skin before final cladding completes the finish.

  • SIPs
  • Kit ready to go
  • Insulated GardenRoom


For the roof we use a synthetic rubber membrane that is supplied literally in 1 piece, cut specifically for the dimensions of your room. When we say 1 piece we mean 1 piece, not heat welded together, or glued, which ensures no joints to fail and let water through. The membrane will not crack, perish and is cold applied therefore no dangerous heat source is required during install. Finally, the rubber is virtually maintenance-free, yay! To give that final sharp finish, the roof is trimmed with anthracite grey fascia boards.

As we're approved installers of the Firestone EPDM Rubbercover system accredited by Permaroof UK LTD, our Garden Rooms come with a 20-year guarantee on the roof!

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  • Rubber roof


We recommend the latest generation of Quick-Step laminate flooring in the Garden Rooms due to its waterproof qualities. The range offers a water-repellent HydroSeal coating with the floor's surface being completely sealed so bacteria, dirt and even spillage won't penetrate.

The Quick-Step laminate floor also has a manufacturers warranty of up to 25 years, guaranteeing many years of worry-free maintenance in your room. Due to its structure, the flooring won't be affected by fluctuations in temperature should your room be unheated or unused for a spell and can be installed with an additional insulating underlay for yet more warmth in your room.

  • Flooring

Windows and Doors

On the standard Garden Room, we supply UPVC sliding patio door systems in anthracite grey. We use the Era locking system and fabNfix handles. All our patios come with superior security fittings (Anti jacking system, 4 point hook lock and reinforced frames), yet despite these features, the easy-glide doors carry slim sightlines allowing you to see more garden than frame.

  • Doors
  • Window
  • Window_Chair

Lighting / Electrics / Data

As standard our Garden Rooms are delivered with white spotlights and white, flat plate switch covers to create a streamlined look. Alternative finishes can be discussed at the consultation stage.

Invariably you should be able to receive wifi from your house in the room and the children can watch tv via a Chromecast device. Alternatively, you can contact your provider to discuss options to boost your services with appropriate devices.

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  • Lighting
  • Sockets


Our Garden Rooms are clad in Siberian Larch which is is FSC®-certified, meaning that it is sourced from well-managed forests. It's also one of the toughest and most durable softwoods in the world, with an expected lifespan of 50-100 years when subject to general outdoor exposure. The wood contains very little sapwood so does not require maintenance and if left untreated, will weather to a lovely silver/grey colour.

Our standard room is clad in untreated Siberian larch with a "shadow gap" for a more contemporary look (the shadow gap also allows for expansion and contraction due to fluctuating weather conditions). We can also offer a colour treated cladding or a composite board to add another dimension to your room, we can also provide a more traditional tongue and groove style approach.

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