The basic frame and construction methods for all of our garden rooms are very similar however there are many ways in which we can customise the room to your specification. A concrete floor to support a gym, additional insulation for soundproofing or simply changing the colour of the timber cladding to suit your preference.

Sedum Roofs

A sedum roof is a green roof with vegetation that is lightweight, cost-effective, easy to install and virtually maintenance-free. All it requires is to be fed once a year and stubborn weeds to be removed. It's an easy way to make an attractive feature that ties the room into the garden.

  • Sedum

Music Studio Customisation

Our garden rooms make fantastic music studios for composing, practicing or just generally making noise without disturbing the neighbours!

We can create a deeper wall/floor/ceiling build up to ensure the garden room delivers on soundproofing both from the inside out and the outside in.

  • Music Room

Window and Door Glazing

Our garden rooms have UPVc window and door frames as standard. UPVc is our material of choice due to its low maintenance, durability and performance. It’s also extremely secure, energy-efficient and can provide sound insulation. 

However, the window and door frames can be upgraded to aluminium if preferred. Aluminium bi-folds are increasingly popular due to the slim frames and easy glide mechanism which maximises the natural light into the garden room.


Quick-Step laminate is the flooring of choice for our standard model. Quick-Step laminate flooring has a click-and-lock system and is waterproof, durable and easy to maintain. However, alternative flooring can be provided on request, for example, engineered wood or carpet are popular options. Please tell us what you would prefer and we can explore the best options and show the cost in your quote.

Underfloor Heating

As our garden rooms are highly insulated, all you require is a simple electric convection heater or wall mounted electric radiator however we can include electric underfloor heating mats if required.