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The sustainable power adventure begins

10 Jul 2018

One of the early discussions we had when setting up the business was to look at ways of powering our Rooms in a more sustainable way! This is definitely proving to be a challenging conversation!

There are a number of ideas I have with regards offering our rooms to different sectors beyond just residential. Our Rooms would make fantastic Air B & B spaces for homes in a more remote setting or who would like to offer additional space without the need to connect to the mains. Outdoor education centres who are looking to provide remote changing facilities somewhere up a hill with no mains supplies would be perfect also. But the question remains, how best to provide the power source, all year round but which will be cost efficient and realistic from an install point of view!

I've found my way round the houses to Resource Efficient Scotland and have so far spoken with a variety of solar energy companies but it's definitely proving a challenge! This journey has only just begun so I'll be keeping this post active and will update as the discovery process rolls along!

Would love to hear any thoughts or advice from anyone out there so please, drop me a line!