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The Game Fair - it's a wrap!

8 Jul 2024

0E5270AD 3D70 4B2E 84B6 B2CB4F0B4C24 1 105 cWell that was quite the weekend at the Scottish Game Fair in Scone Palace!! Over three days, the event is an incredible gathering of all things game & country related so to say there was a large number of dogs is a massive understatement!!!88F53356 5BE8 469B 9BEE 07902AFCA745 1 105 cWe were particularly taken with the amazing team from Mordor Gun Dogs who demonstrated the training they put their puppies through. We were lucky enough that Charlie stopped by with two of his students!!AF018B8E 2621 4766 93BC 8159438E5B1C 1 105 cC573B12F DBE4 4FD6 A821 EE692DF52740 1 105 c63EBEF3E 3229 4D9F A90E 52E51586C73A 1 105 cAs you can see there was a wealth of breeds, shapes and sizes of dogs (& humans!) who all stopped by to say hi and have a good look round our Garden Room and Glamping Snug, both of which were incredibly well received. We were also visited by clients of Outside In, Sandra's embroidery studio was completed back in 2019 so it was lovely to see her and her dog Maggie! 25B4DC03 B3F9 4945 AF98 429AB33E2B3F 1 105 c