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We're members of Scottish Agritourism

6 Mar 2024

ScottishAgritourism logo 1We're delighted to have joined Scottish Agritourism as we develop our Glamping Snugs offering which are perfect  for farms, keen to diversify through a tourism offering.  Scottish Agritourism is the official body for the agritourism sector in Scotland, providing leadership and a strong voice to represent and grow the sector.

2023 06 27 19.17.17The organisation brings together a strong and dynamic network of entrepreneurial farmers and rural businesses and offer a trusted peer-to-peer bank of knowledge and support. As we grow the modular side of our business, engaging with the agritourism sector will be key to building awareness of our snugs and sitting within such a tight knit group of like minded businesses, will be a fantastic opportunity for us. 

Scottish Agritourism are leading with Visit Scotland on work to measure the economic impact of the agritourism sector, to measure future growth and to support the development of a pipeline of agritourism businesses.Wendy lamb