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Meet your fitness goals with a Garden Room Gym

25 Jan 2024

Every year as the echoes of Auld Lang Syne fade away millions of Brits make New Year resolutions vowing to improve themselves over the following 12 months. Unfortunately, by the end of January, the glut of Christmas chocolate and stacks of fancy cheese puts paid to any notion of dieting and the ‘one a week’ books you’d promised to read are piling up on the bedside table. 

Chief among the broken resolutions is of course to do more exercise. Usually, though the only hard work a lot of people do is battling with the Gym membership manager to cancel their subscription. 

34 Redford Road 20210908 026 copyThankfully, we have a solution that means you can keep your promise to get a summer beach bod without having to jog in arctic conditions, contend with influencers making tiktok reels in the gym or make space in the bedroom between Ikea bags full of laundry for a treadmill. 

Imagine your own personal gym. A sanctuary where you can work out like nobody's watching …. because no one is! Unless your spouse is keeping tabs from the Kitchen window.23 Thomson Drive G61 3PA 20230518 023

Our range of Garden Rooms, starting with the small but still amply sized UNO, are perfect as home garden gyms. Built using robust yet eco friendly ground screws rather than carbon intensive concrete, our garden rooms insulate you from the worst of the Scottish weather allowing you to get buff in comfort.

Moving up to the DUO gives you a second room that can be used for storing equipment or creating a post workout relaxation space. You could even install a cold shower for that ice bath experience! The options truly are endless. Ranging from 4.2m x 3m up to the DUO Grand which boasts a footprint of 6m x 3m you can fit all the workout equipment you could ever need.GardenGym1

All of our garden rooms are fully customisable from the choice of flooring, to the position of electric sockets and even the type of roof! We recommend installing a living sedum roof that allows the building to blend in with your outdoor space, provides extra insulation and a fabulous ecosystem for wildlife. The addition of a wall of mirrors creates a real feeling of space and light and obviously helps with making sure the deadlift technique is safely nailed! Mirro3

If you're planning on doing some major weight training, we can reinforce the floor to allow for weights to be dropped and can increase the overall room height to ensure lifting the dumbells doesn't trash the ceiling (this may require planning permission if the height then breaches the permitted development rules). Weights

Whatever personalisation you opt for, your bespoke garden gym will add value to your home and provide a flexible space that you and your family can enjoy year round as you meet your fitness goals for 2024 and beyond.Gardenside2

Talk to us today to find out which garden room is right for you or if you’re nearby pop into one of our showrooms at Livingston or Edinburgh.