A Garden Room Is More than Just a Room

GardenRoomOver the past eighteen months as the world and our way of life has drastically changed so have our requirements for space at home. The demand for property is at an all-time high and so many of us are looking for alternative solutions to having that extra bit of space at home with a garden room being an ideal solution. So if you are looking for inspiration, we have created a list of garden room ideas worth considering.

The home office

Our contemporary garden rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes with limitless uses, but the most obvious (and the most common over the past year) is the home office. Our Uno room at 2.4m x 2.4m is perfect for an office, with plenty of space for a desk and office storage. With a high level of security, Bluetooth-connected radiator, WiFi connectivity and an amazing sense of space for home working, what else do you need?

GardenRoomIMG 7922

The home gym

Is going to a crowded gym a thing of the past? With online classes and systems such as Peloton and Apple Fitness+ really taking off, can you think of a better location to exercise than in a purpose-built home gym? Reinforced floors, mirror walls, sound insulation, ceiling speakers, the tailor ability of our garden rooms means you can have the ultimate home gym setup.

GreenhillVictoria Road

The garden studio room

Hobby or business, a garden studio room is the ideal setting. Our client who runs her home embroidery business from our 5m x 3m garden room can testify to that. The garden setting is also ideal for home writers, artists and musicians (especially drummers!) - particularly when you have a beautiful view to inspire you every day.


The hidden space

If you’d like a garden room for that extra bit of space at home, but you’re not sure where you’ll be able to keep your lawnmower, garden tools or bikes, we have a solution! A hidden shed! We can build garden rooms with a separate hidden room that has ample storage space. Discretely built with a flush-mounted door, you would never know it was there.

IMG 7897IMG 7894

The grass roof

What better way to blend into nature than having a sedum green roof? This is one of our favourite optional features, and when you look down on your garden room from your house it will be almost invisible. There’s also the added benefit that it acts as natural heat insulation!


The living space

Some of our clients have very specific needs for their garden room, while others are just looking for an extra living space that gives an amazing sensation of being outdoors. As you can see in the examples shown below, the interior design of your garden room can be as contemporary or traditional as you require. You can choose the wall finishing, colours, lights and flooring to make it your own.

Christmas Room

Designed for its surroundings

The exterior cladding of a garden room can be chosen based on personal taste or to match the surroundings. With a huge variety of finishes available, the tone of the room can be completely changed to fit with your landscaping or house.

Balvie ROom

And finally, the combination room

Why be forced into choosing between a home office, gym or relaxation space when you can have it all? Our garden rooms are extremely versatile and can be used as multi-purpose spaces. Whatever your requirements, we can design a bespoke garden room that will tick all the boxes.


At Outside In Garden Rooms, we specialise in building bespoke garden rooms that will stand the test of time. All of our garden rooms are double glazed and fully insulated so that they are usable throughout the year - not just in the warmer months. Find out more about our garden rooms and make an enquiry today.

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