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The Uno Mini is one of our most popular sized rooms

George and Judy hummed over getting a garden room for quite some time and they regularly visited our showroom at Mortonhall Garden Centre whilst they decided.  

17 Bonaly Gardens EH13 0EX 20230519 055 copyAfter many cups of tea (& cake!) inside the aforementioned, they called Wendy and together they worked on the perfect position for the garden room.  Sitting at an angle, the garden room sits in an unused area where there used to be a patio.  There was a larch pathway connecting the patio to the house therefore it made sense to retain it and to tie in with the pathway neatly, we installed a larch decking.

The foundations for the room are the super environmentally friendly ground screws, professionally installed by our partners at No More Digging. The ground screws, as you can see are far from little pins rather very large, galvanised steel screws that are installed a minimum of 1m into the ground to provide an incredibly robust foundation that avoids any worries with moisture rising up as the room is not in contact with the ground. Ground screws 2

17 Bonaly Gardens EH13 0EX 20230519 005 copyJudy & George are delighted with their room and the only remaining decision is what artwork to put on the walls.

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