Garden Study/Gym


This lovely 6m wide x 4m deep Uno Garden Room replaced an existing and somewhat redundant garage. It was built over a far longer time frame than we'd normally like but then that's lockdown for you! We were three days from completion on 23rd March when we had to down tools like the rest of the world but as soon as it was safe to do so, we finalised this lovely space. There was a lot of planning went into the room with our lovely client as there's potential it could be expanded with an ensuite and kitchen to allow Granny to come and stay.  We factored in things such as where a dressing table might sit, future bedside lamps and light switch locations should a partition wall be put up to ensure the room is as futureproof as possible. For now though it's a fantastic multi purpose family space that our client just loves! 

Well, this was just the best thing we did! And the smoothest and easiest! We recently put a new roof on the house, mentioned to the roofer we were thinking about doing something in the space of our awful garage, he mentioned Mel Russell of Outside In Garden Rooms, I tweeted Mel, she came out to visit, listened to our ideas, put them into some sense of a building plan, tweaked it as we chopped and changed our minds, organised a fantastic team, from builders to electricians to landscapers, to decorators, paused through many weeks of lockdown (and we were only 3 days from being finshed!) but kept in contstant touch with us. Introduced changes to ensure we were all kept safe when work started back up, and now we have the most beautiful office/gym/cinema space for date nights/spare room/hang out for the youngsters (not yet tho, it is still too precious!)/future home for elderly parent (with an extension planned to add on kitchen and bathroom). It is just amazing and completely changes how we are living, especially at the moment as we are WFH. Quality is fabulous and workmanship is to the highest standard. Everyone involved took real pride in what they were producing. If you are hesitating over whether to do this or not, don't!




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