As our Rooms are custom built, we can tailor them specifically to your space and budget. The rooms are more in line with an extension due to the level of insulation and the fully finished nature of the end product. Below is an indication of our garden room costs but again, we can create pretty much any space or size that works for you. Please get in touch to discuss your specific project or arrange a free site visit.

Each of the following costs are based on the same basic structure. Panels constructed in our workshop, delivered to site for construction on a ground screw base (where applicable). Built on-site, fully foam insulated then wrapped in breather foil insulating membrane. One piece rubber membrane roofing applied then finished with aluminium trim. Plasterboard walls, fully floored, spotlights and plug sockets installed and painted. Finally, clad in siberian larch, left to weather naturally

Uno - 2.4m x 2.4m

From £11,995 + VAT. View an Uno room of this size.

  • GardenROom
  • Normal Ave
  • Idealhome3

Uno - 3.6m wide x 3m deep

From £17,500 + VAT. One of our most popular sized Rooms. View an Uno room of this size.

  • Alderman_Complete
  • GardenRoom
  • Gardenoffice3

Uno - 4.2m wide x 3m deep

From £19,995 + VAT. View an Uno room of this size.

  • GardenRoom
  • GardenRoom
  • Lighting

Duo - 6m x 3m

From £27,500 + VAT. View a Duo room here.

  • 4.GardenRoom
  • 1.Room office
  • Office

Duo+ - 5.2m x 4.2m with en suite

Duo+ - From £35,000. View a Duo+ room here.

(Due to inclusion of toilet facilities, a building warrant is required)

  • Cluny6
  • Cluny4
  • Clouds
  • ClunyWC
  • Interior2