Self-employment boom fuels £17bn UK ‘shed’ economy


Self-employment boom fuels £17bn UK ‘shed’ economy

A boom in self-employment in the UK means the growing number of entrepreneurs running businesses from their gardens is now contributing almost £17 billion to the economy a year, according to a report out today. Read the full article here

Interestingly around 55% of our clients are using their Garden Rooms as home offices so clearly we're very much in line with the shed economy trend (again I'll let the shed comment slide, as many of you know shed is a swear word in our world!!).

A garden room is a fantastic way to improve the work life balance through less time spent in the commuter hell. Invariably home workers end up consuming the dining room table or spare bedroom leaving no space for family time. One of our recent clients was finding the work life balance all wrong and had no real need for the sizeable commercial space she was renting.  We therefore installed a garden room that she now uses as her embroidery studio releasing her from her sizeable rent costs and service charges for a space she just didn't need. The space also doubles as an entertaining space for friends and family to enjoy the garden room all year round (& the installation of a wine fridge is particularly helpful on that front!). 


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